Muscle Oil

“On holiday in Wales I purchased your muscle oil, I found it very helpful in giving me pain relief”
S.Woodall, Lincolnshire

“Please could you send me 6 bottles of your wonderful muscle oil, I have tried many things but find that this is the best for continued relief “
C. Young, Southend on Sea, Essex

“I compete at National and International level athletics and use your muscle oil before and after an event with great success”
R. Knapman, Cardiff

“We’ve been using Olew Gewynnau (Muscle Oil) for over 10 years and find it very good at relieving aches and pains associated with bumps and bangs. I am now using it on a ‘Frozen Shoulder’ and Sciatica and it really helps to soothe the pain and ease movement, I strongly recommend it and buying more so that I always have some in“
R. Lane, Prestatyn

“I have really painful hips and this oil has been extremely helpful in getting to grips with the pain”
S. Worland North Hykeham, Lincoln

“My first experience of Olew Gewynnau was when a friend kindly recommended it for me following an injury playing squash. I had ruptured my calf muscle (thought it was Achilles at first) and within minutes couldn’t put any weight on my left heel, agony to try and walk. Following a visit to A&E they confirmed my Achilles was fine but I had seriously sprained my calf muscle, I was given crutches and told not to do anything exercise for 4 to 6 weeks. A colleague of mine had recently strained the tendons in his left arm and had driven up to North Wales (Xmas 2014) in excruciating pain. Following a visit to a local Spar shop to get some (other remedy) he was recommended Olew Gewynnau, (the shop assistant said all the climbers and athletes used it) within 36 to 48 hours he was pain free. I had the same experience, after 48 hours I was walking again (heel to toe) all be it with a slight limp, I swear I could’ve played squash the following Saturday. Sense prevailed, and I left it another week just to make sure, since then I have played squash and been to numerous circuit training sessions. I did heed the Doctors advice and keep my leg raised when possible. I am 53 and any minor knock takes 3 to 4 weeks to heel, this felt like a miracle. Having told my sporty friends about it, I have bought 10 bottles as they all wanted some, with a view to buy more in the near future”
Roger Wheatley, Cardiff

"Hi there, I recently purchased 4 bottles of your Muscle Oil and I would like to thank you so much and thank God I bought the Daily Post that day, that your Oil should be called “Miracle Oil”, I have had trouble for over 15 yrs and plod on with pain killers, but I have used your Oil first thing in the morning and last at night for approximately two weeks and the pain has gone. I feel a new person (67 yrs ) and fit to run the London Marathon next year !!!!! Thank you, thank you and keep bottling. Thanks once again and Keep Bottling"
Chris Hughes-Bowyer, Corwen Denbighshire

"My husband spotted the product when visiting Caernarfon three years ago. It’s been brilliant for me as I suffer with regular joint pain in my knee and my back. It helps me every day. I’ve tried other medicines in the past but nothing ever seemed to work, but this is brilliant. I had a bad foot not long ago so I rubbed some of the Oil onto the painful part and the next day it was fine. I would definitely recommend it, whatever goes into it is brilliant. I’m very pleased my husband picked it up that day."
Margaret Burness, Southport

"My husband has tried several remedies for his very painful back problem. He has been delighted with the help your Olew Gewynnau Muscle Oil has given, and will continue to use it. Also your service is excellent. Thank you."
R. Baxter, Workington Cumbria


Phone: 07770 302 865
Cennin View
LL51 9LX

E-mail: enquiries@muscleoil.co.uk

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