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For many years the family have been producing this mysterious and magical concoction at home. Locals have been purchasing the amazing muscle oil for more than 150 years and always believed emphatically in its healing power. People used to call wanting to buy the miraculous oil for all kinds of ailments - relief from rheumatic pain, muscular and joint pain as well as injured ligaments.

However, the ingredients and recipe along the method of production remains a closely guarded family secret.

Kelvin Evans, the current producer of the oil and a descendent of the original Bonesetters, remembers his Grandfather - John Evans, and Father - Gwyn Evans, mixing this elixir using the same clay pot and stick. With the passage of time and as transport improved, Gwyn Evans started supplying local shops with the oil.

john evans
John Evans
gwyn evans

Amongst the first shops he supplied where Pike’s Newsagent in Porthmadog and a local Butchers at Criccieth. Ironically, Gwyn Evans even produced a batch of healing oil - for the benefit of others - on his dying day in June 1989! It was at this point that his son Kelvin Evans took over the production of Olew Gewynnau (Muscle Oil).

Gwyn Evans

Recently there has been a surge in demand for the Muscle Oil not only locally but globally. Hundreds of positive feedback reports from users have caused an explosion in its popularity. People who have suffered prolonged and chronic pain have commented on the soothing and relieving power of the liniment. Some people, who don’t want to go through surgery, actually prefer to use the oil for painful joint relief.

Kelvin Evans
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Modern day athletes and sport people including runners, climbers, and cyclists use the oil regularly before and after any strenuous activity.

In fact Muscle Oil is widely used on farm and domestic animals (pets) for the relief of pain in ligaments, joints and muscles.



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